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Before Getmentioned: paying too much for mediocre backlinks or not getting any links at all, feeling stressed because of slow results. After Getmentioned: link building services is done for you in one place, you’re on top of things, progress is clear, and a sense of calm sets in.

We needed specifically a white hat and solid link building partner. Our biggest pain was lack of time to do it consistently. Viktoria and her team provided good quality links. The link quality is generally high and where there are issues, they been fast to respond and resolve.
CEO at Digitmind
Caroline Blijlevens
Excellent, fast work. Extremely easy to work with Getmentioned. Went beyond requirements to deliver a fantastic result. The task was to improve domain authority of, increase organic traffic for specific landing pages, so we focused on authority links.
Marketing Director at UpNest
Jeff Gomez
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We will take care of everything while you can lay back and relax

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These brands improved their organic traffic with us. When will you?

"Awesome link builders!"
Adam Garcia Owner of The Stock Dork
"Was great to work with Viktoria. Her communication was great, and her quality of work was high. Her team did an excellent job for us and we'd hire her again for future projects."
Chi Fang Founder & CEO at Verbalicity
"Viktoria is a well-experienced professional at the backlink building, as well as an excellent communicator. Her team delivered high-quality, genuine backlinks for our website and helped the traffic grow. If I need a similar service in the future, I'll ask her again."
Yasuharu Matsuno CEO at Mindarchitectinc

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How Getmentioned Brought +50% Organic Traffic to Email Finder Tool With 30 Links: Case Study


This case study showcases how we helped a leading SaaS company in the email marketing and lead generation industry increase its organic traffic by over 50% using the 3-way link exchange method. We created high-quality editorial links to boost the website's search engine rankings and drive more traffic.

Main Takeaways

The 3-way link exchange method helped our client achieve significant results, including a 62% organic traffic increase with just 30 links. Our client also achieved the top rank for the “email verifier” keyword.

30 Niche Relevant Backlinks Acquired
170K increase in organic traffic
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Achieving 150K Organic Visitors in the Trading Niche: Getmentioned’s Successful Authority Link-Building Campaign for WikiJob


That’s the case when our customer came back to our agency after his first successful link-building campaign with us. As we have already helped WikiJob to rank #1 by the list of keywords in HR niche, this time client asked us to do the same, but in the forex trading niche.

Main Takeaways

Four milestones took 4 months for us and look at the results we’ve delivered. 150K organic traffic increase! The highest point is 520 000 users!

21 High Authority Backlinks Built
150K increase in organic traffic.
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How Getmentioned Got 45% Organic Traffic Increase In 2 Months: Tech and Security Niche Case


The main objective of the campaign was to secure a steady flow of organic traffic for the key keywords associated with home security alarm systems, thereby lowering the expenses of an excessively expensive PPC campaign. The exorbitant costs of the original PPC campaign were not due to inadequate PPC providers, but rather due to the high costs of clicks in the niche.

Main Takeaways

We can see that, with the help of two months of our link building campaign, our total number of keywords has increased by almost double (80%), from 1500 to 2700 ranked keywords. This led to a 45% organic traffic boost!

45% increase in organic traffic.
50 High Authority Backlinks Built
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How Getmentioned Got 601% Organic Traffic Increase For FinTech Website: Strategy Explained


A top fintech website wanted to rank on top of organic search in the trading and investing industry. The site was optimized to rank at least on the first page of SERPs but needed to build white hat backlinks to achieve its true potential.

Main Takeaways

We were able to manage and secure 250 backlinks from influential and relevant sites. The site was able to grow its traffic value from $13k to $93k, an impressive 601% increase.

239 High Authority Backlinks Built
601% increase in organic traffic.
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How Getmentioned Team Brought 200K Organic Visitors To The HR Website with 37 backlinks only: Strategy Explained (Pt.1)


It was a special client – a huge online career platform that provides job seekers with resources and information to help them in their job search. When they ordered our services they already had a decent number of monthly organic traffic – 300 000. The client asked us to make them rank in the HR niche. Additionally, the team wanted their website to cover an audience from the United Kingdom.

Main Takeaways

We helped WikiJob to gain 200K more of organic traffic, increase their DA from 50 to 60 and rank 1st on SERP by high-competitive keywords such as ‘best job sites uk’, ‘unusual jobs that pay well uk’, best cv writing service uk’.

200K Traffic increase
37 High Authority Backlinks Built
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250K to 500K Organic Visitors With 10 links Only: Strategy Explained


It’s well-known fact that the tech and security niche is a high-competitive one. That was the difficulty in this case – we needed to do a comprehensive link profile analysis of the client’s competitors.

Main Takeaways

The results of this one-month link-building campaign are outstanding. 50% traffic growth – from 250K to 500K – with 10 links only.

50% Organic traffic growth
10 High Authority Backlinks Built
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Getmentioned Helped To Trible Organic Traffic For Psychological Platform With Just 16 links: Strategy Explained


Quenza team after launching their website, they have been growing their organic traffic themselves for a while. The platform had its blog, social media, ads – but all of that wasn’t enough to scale the business. Then the team made a decision to level up the link-building campaign.

Main Takeaways

We made Quenza rank #1 by top-performing keywords, including brand ones. We smoothly increased their traffic by 33% in just 3 months. As the bonus, we also won SERP PPA for them.

16 High Authority Backlinks Built
18 000 Traffic increase
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Achieving 7 000 Organic Visits From Scratch For a Video Editing Business With 60 Links: Strategy Explained


This client has extremely low traffic and no leads even though Film Impact team has worked a lot on their web design and blog. Too low traffic – 800 visits per month.

Main Takeaways

Helped our client to get 70% increase. Also, there was a gradual rise in Domain Authority – from 30 to 45. This campaign is ongoing – the client has been working with us for 6 months already and will continue doing it in 2023.

60 Niche Relevant Backlinks Acquired
70 increase in organic traffic.
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How we got 60% organic traffic increase for the SaaS Data Protection Platform by building 30 links


Our client’s niche is high-competitive as there are giants such as Microsoft, Dropbox, and Office 365. We agreed on the following plan: we are not going to outperform these tech-titans as it’s almost impossible to do in 3 months time span, but to rank on the first page and to be as closer to 1-5 positions in SERP as possible.

Main Takeaways

Rank #1 by 25 organic keywords, including brand ones. The traffic was increased by even more than expected – 60%! The client was satisfied with our work, so he ordered two more packages of links.

30 Niche Relevant Backlinks Acquired
60% increase in organic traffic.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Link Building Service? Link-building services are a way of securing quality links for your website. For a company, it can be very time-consuming to work on link building and manual outreach. Securing a backlink on certain publications can take weeks, even months of back-and-forth communication! Who has time for that? If you don't have time to prioritize link-building to obtain high-quality backlinks, get ahead with our link-building service. Link-building services cover strategies such as guest posting, and mentions of your brand on relevant sites and in blog posts. It also covers outreach campaigns and content promotion.
  • What is the definition of a quality link? There are multiple factors that need to be taken into consideration when we are talking about link quality. Not all links are created the same way. High-quality backlinks most often: 1. Come from a website with a high domain authority; 2. Send users to your website; 3. Are dofollow links; Establish brand credibility by linking to relevant content on your website.
  • What is a relevant backlink? A relevant link is an inbound link from a relevant article on a relevant website. What does that mean? Google understands what your website is about, it understands your backlink profile. Thus, having a backlink from a website focusing on similar topics is much better for your site.
  • What niches do you serve? We provide link-building services in a vast number of niches, but mostly they are tech and business. We avoid building links for the adult, and pharma industries.
  • What is Domain Ranking (DR)? Domain Rating (DR) is an Ahrefs measurement that shows the "popularity" and authority of a certain website. It is measured on a logarithmic scale from 0 to 100, which means the more domain authority you have, the better. At Getmentioned we use Ahrefs DR instead of MOZ metric DA.
  • Can I pick sites for links? Yes you can in our guest post and local link building service. The rest of the services are either curated for you or picking site is not possible due to the nature of the link building method, fx, editorial links, authority link building, HARO.
  • Who will write the content? For Guest Posts and Local links we provide the content, it's included. Quality is our top priority, so your articles will be written by a team of professional and experienced native writers.
  • Can I review the content? Yes, of course. We share a document with an article before it will be send for publishing.
  • Can I see samples of your articles? Yes. Send us an email at, and we will send you relevant samples.
  • Can I suggest topics for articles? Yes, you are welcome to suggest a topic or a title for an article.
  • Can I provide the content? No. From our experience, to obtain the best backlinks, it is better that we focus on the writing. Our team members are quite experienced writers and can craft texts that will more likely be accepted in publications.
  • What do you guarantee? We can guarantee that the link-building campaign will go on as planned, and quality will not diminish over time. We will secure backlinks on relevant sites as approved by the client - you.
  • Can you guarantee search ranking? No, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the article will rank with 100% certainty. However, our results from the past give us a lot of confidence when it comes to improving search engine rankings.
  • What happens if a link is rejected? We will find another link placement on another web page. Luckily, this won't affect you since it is a part of our internal process.
  • What happens if the content you placed disappears? We can guarantee that your links are secured for at least 12 months. During that period, if a link disappears, it will be replaced with an equal link.
  • What if I don't like the sites you suggest? First, you will get samples so you can check the quality of link placements. We will provide a list of different websites, publications and blogs from our network you can choose for the placement of your link. We work with a variety of pages in different niches, so don’t worry about not finding a suitable link placement for your website.
  • What sets our Link Building Agency apart? Our link-building company is recognized by reputable brands as a source of high-quality links that deliver results. It is: Trusted by industry leaders such as Bonsai, Preply, Cloudtalk, and Surfshark; Achieved a 56% increase in organic traffic within 4 months campaign for the SaaS product; 100+ happy customers; 200-300 links built every month; Deadlines you can trust; Full service - we do all the work and you can focus on growing your business;
  • What are the values of the best link-building service? There are a few indicators that can help you pick the best link-building services. For us, it is transparency in communication, clear goal-setting, and effective collaboration.
  • How is our company different from other link-building companies? We do not chase for each opportunity, instead we're looking for projects, where our knowledge will be the most useful. Dedication, transparency, "easy to do business with" attitude.
  • Why Do I Need a Link Building Service? Working with a link-building company is beneficial for several reasons. Here are some of them: Improves web traffic. Link-building can attract new customers and drive more traffic to your website. Brings new customers - If you are opt-in for link building, a great advantage is that the traffic you receive through it is highly-targeted. It means you can choose outlets where to display links. Improves brand recognition - Having your brand mentioned in relevant publications, websites and blogs exposes your brand to new audiences and improves brand recognition. Upgrades your SEO - Quality backlinks improve your authority in the eyes of Google, helping your content rank faster and better.
  • How fast can I expect to see results with you? Depending on the competitiveness of your niche, you can see results of link-building in at least 4 months time span. It takes around that time to get links built, indexed and recognized by search engines. At Getmentioned, we will continue to monitor the process and adapt the link-building strategy to achieve the best results for you.
  • How can I cancel link-building services? If you wish to cancel link-building services, you should notify us at least 30 days in advance before canceling.
  • Do you offer refunds? No, unfortunately at the moment we cannot offer refunds for our link-building services.
  • What are payment options? There are multiple options you can use to pay for our link-building packages. We accept the most popular debit and credit cards, as well as bank transfers.
  • How will we be in touch? You can get in touch with our team through email, and we will respond to all your questions in a timely manner.
  • How to start link-building with your agency? To start working with our link-building agency, you just need to do a few simple things: Fill out the form on our website; Submit all the details about your website; Pay the bill for the link-building services; Sit back, and wait for the first results as our team gets to work.
  • What link-building strategies do you include in your services? Our philosophy is always quality over quantity. In our experience, few quality backlinks produce far better results than a lot of less relevant backlinks. Moreover, contextual links will be placed in real publications, bringing your brand in front of real users. We focus on manual outreach and content marketing to provide high-quality backlinks. Furthermore, we try to find opportunities in broken links and editorial pitches to increase the success of our SEO services. With the help of top industry tools like Ahrefs and Semrush we conduct keyword research and identify which content will deliver the best and longest-lasting results for your brand.
  • How long can it take you to build backlinks? It will depend on the link-building package you've chosen. Our projects usually consist of 10 to 30 links per month. We usually set a minimum amount of links we can guarantee. Depending on the quality of the content we are promoting, we can achieve the target or surpass it.
  • How do you find the sites you work with? The sites we work with are not ours. However, they trust us by placing the links on their website due to reliable relationships. Often, we will provide something for the editor like a guest post, and in return, they will place several links on their website.
  • Do you work with bloggers? Yes, over the years we have established a strong network of high-quality blogs. When it comes to blogger outreach, we pay attention to domain authority, the relevance of the link and topic authority. The link will appear in the content, to provide a more fluid experience for the reader.
  • How do you know where to pitch? Over the years, we successfully pitched thousands of links for our clients. Our process is simple: We analyze your website, as well as your goals. We identify which websites and link placements would be the best for your business goals. Check competitors and their strategies when it comes to backlinks. Create a list of outlets - websites, publications and blog ideas for your business. We engage in the pitch process until your order is fulfilled. When pitching for higher-authority publications, it might take some time to agree on all the details.
  • Can the link-building campaigns be an ongoing project? Yes, on average our projects last 4+ months.
  • Are the links you provide relevant? Yes, link relevancy is a top priority for us. Over the years, we secured a large network of websites we can secure links on.
  • What's the process for backlinks on websites with DR 50+? We'll check your backlink profile to ensure your website is the right fit for a backlink on a website with DR 50+. For newer websites, we always recommend a broad outreach campaign that will help you build authority in a short period of time. After you've gained some authority, we can start with outreach to more authoritative publications.
  • What kind of reports will I receive? For easy tracking, you will get access to a Google sheet. There you will be able to track all the links, DR, traffic and other important details of the link-building campaign.
  • Can I talk to an SEO Expert? Sure, fill out the contact form and one of our SEO experts will get back to you.
  • How to choose the right target pages for link building? The selection of target pages depends on your website. Firstly, you might need to do some technical SEO improvements to ensure the best user experience. After that, we analyze your competitors to determine the number of links, as well as web pages for placement to ensure the best results.
  • How many links you can build in a month? In one month, the maximum amount of links we can build is 50 authority links per project.
  • How many links do I need to rank? We will analyze your website and your goals to identify the niche difficulty. The more competitive niche of your website is, the more links are required to reach your goals. From our experience, anywhere from 10 to 30 links per month is great.
  • When will I see the first results? Just like SEO, link-building services are an investment. It can take 4-6 months to see the impact from a link-building service, depending on the stage of your website and the competitiveness of your niche.
  • How do authority links work? Authority links are simple - they are links inserted into existing content. They are a way to get a backlink from an already established and relevant piece of content on high authority website.
  • What's included in your authority link? Our authority link insertions are placed on a website: with DR40+ or higher with Ahrefs traffic score of 1000+ with topic relevance written in the English language.
  • Do you have samples? Yes, we have samples! Send us an email at, mention your niche, and we will send you relevant samples.
  • What is the difference between guest posting and authority links? The biggest difference between these two link-building strategies is how old is the content. With guest posting, you will get links from newly published articles, while with authority links you will get backlinks to aged, existing content. Guest posting takes more time, because of content creation, while authority links can secure more backlinks in a shorter period. Both strategies are extremely valuable when it comes to improving your search rankings.
  • Do you offer guest posts? Yes, we can assist you with guest posting on various high-quality websites. Over the years, we developed connections with different publications, blogs and editors, and we can leverage this and obtain guest posts for you in your desired niche.
  • Do you have locally-based blogs on your list? Yes, we have a dedicated multilingual link-building service that can get you links from specific markets like LATAM, European Union etc.
  • Do you only build "dofollow" backlinks? Yes, all links we get for you are 100% dofollow.
  • Can I pick sites from your connections? Yes, you can pick from our connections when it comes to guest posting and local link-building for search engine optimization. For other services, it is not possible to pick a specific site because of the nature of the outreach process (HARO, Editorial) or our internal policies (Authority Links).
  • What kind of anchor text can I use? You can suggest placement and anchor text and we will gladly take them into consideration. In case you do not have anchor keywords, we will help you to come up with some.
  • What niches did you provide authority links for? We can provide authority links in almost every niche: Marketing, SaaS, Technology, Food, Travel, Real Estate, Tech and more. We don't offer our services for illegal niches. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you are not sure about your niche.
  • Can you do link-building for restricted industries? No, sorry. We don't provide link-building SEO services for adult, pharma, and illegal industries.
  • Do you follow white hat link-building practices? Yes, our focus has always been only on white-hat SEO practices. It has proven as the best way to get quality links that will exceed your expectations.
  • What is white hat link building vs. black hat link building? White hat link building relies on strategies that are approved by Google, such as quality content and guest posting. Black hat link-building, on the other hand, aims to use shortcuts to achieve better search rankings. However, this is not approved by Google and can cause a Google penalty for your website. Our company relies solely on white hat link-building strategies.
  • Do you do broken link building? No, we are not doing broken link building. From our experience, broken link building is outdated and no longer works.