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Our HARO Outreach strategies in a nutshell:

HARO link building works by building links from media coverage from big publications and through link ideas pitching strategy

We ensure your campaigns run seamlessly and efficiently by helping you make the best of HARO and ProfNet opportunities.

With HARO link building you strongarm your content marketing by building high quality backlinks from high authority websites and get brand recognition from an earned media outlet.

With HARO SEO we promise

High Quality links: Powerful backlinks that are proactively sourced and vetted from trusted media outlets.

Guaranteed link placements: We pitch your brand stories with a catchy subject line to as many journalists as possible from relevant publications. It helps you build links and it also help a reporter get the latest trends – a win win situation.

DR> 50+: We guarantee placement on the best publications that check all the boxes for vetting, especially DR higher than 50+.

Fast TAT: Our turnaround time is usually 2 months or lesser because we don’t have editorial control. But we will keep you in the loop for placing all links.

Consistent link building: With HARO we deliver consistent monthly more links without overwhelming your SEO strategy.

Google approved SEO strategy: We provide great ideas and actionable tips for all SEO different categories to improve your website traffic and domain authority with HARO SEO.

HARO Backlinks are perfect for…

  • Brands looking to build their brand through SEO good strategy and best link placements.
  • Most businesses looking to generate more leads by improving their SEO performance.
  • Small businesses and big companies want to start pitching their stories to help a reporter get the best links to improve their website traffic.
  • For co-founder and anyone who wants to build his authority as a thought leader with a killer author bio.
  • For businesses who feel overwhelmed with content marketing and are having difficulty in the first step of start pitching their stories.
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How does HARO work?

Stage #1

Fill the Brief

Tell us how many links you want, where you want, and your subject prowess by answering by taking a quick survey and we'll help to ensure that your article is an up- to-date and engaging piece of content.

Stage #2


We collect qualified, expert-approved insights from you to pitch engaging stories to journalists who need specialized information for their press pieces.

Stage #3

Authority Growth

You get in front of your target audience where you want them to see you by getting featured in big publications that are the best for your industry through our pitching process like Business Insider, Wall Street Journal, etc.

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In 4 simple steps – Subscribe, Pitch, Place, and get actionable reports

What can you expect from HARO link building?

Tested content strategies: WE put ‘content’ to be something that the search engines will index, understand, and rank you for.

Guaranteed “do-follow”: Link juice essentially equates to authority, but to remain optimized for search engines, links must have “do follow” attributes. The great thing about HARO is that you pay for the links you get and not for the volume you get them in.

Articles and links thoroughly vetted: Our team of ProfNet and HARO professionals are ready to help you achieve a new level of success with your business. With our battle-tested recipe for sourcing and vetting PR opportunities from journalists on ProfNet and HARO, we can give your company the exposure you deserve!

Transparent process: For every article pitch we make we ensure that you are cc’d in all HARO emails and follow up emails to all media outlets.

Cost and Time saving: Don’t spend a fortune in link building but spent building on only links that get placed.

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To protect your brand reputation while building backlinks:

In order to make sure you feel comfortable and trust using HARO, we make sure that:

  • All your HARO queries are answered along with as many queries as you may have.
  • The pitch is presented as a great idea to the journalists which is backed with research and links oriented to the business and the site.
  • The websites are properly vetted by our SEO agencies which are aware of changing SERP trends with the help of Google alert.
  • The context of your articles and backlink are aligned with the relevant website topics and current trends.
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To provide quality backlinks:

We follow our site vetting system even though HARO has its own screening system for backlink

  • DD 50+ (our average is DA75)
  • U.S. and Canadian English writers
  • Readable and relevant content
  • No links to poker, pills, or adult content
  • Trustworthy backlink profile
  • Verified authors
  • No obvious PBN designs
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HARO Links - Monthly Plans

100% organic, natural backlinks from high authority publications achieved by using HARO service. Best for ones, who understand the value from HARO links.

Tier #1

$999 / per link
  • 10 sniper shot HARO pitches sent by our team on your behalf
  • Expected outcome: 1-2 links with our 10% success rate
  • We interview the niche experts to get you best quotes that will get mentioned
  • Can I pick sites?: no, it's organic backlinks
  • Can I suggest anchors?: no, natural anchors only or branded
  • New post or insertion?: insertion
  • Content included?: no, non needed
  • Turn around time: 1 month
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Tier #2

$2999 / per link
  • 30 sniper shot HARO pitches sent by our team on your behalf
  • Expected outcome: 3-5 links with our 10% success rate
  • We interview the niche experts to get you best quotes that will get mentioned
  • Can I pick sites?: no, it's organic backlink
  • Can I suggest anchors?: no, natural anchors only or branded
  • New post or insertion?: insertion
  • Content included?: no, non needed
  • Turn around time: 1 months
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Tier #3

$4999 / per link
  • 50 sniper shot HARO pitches sent by our team on your behalf
  • We interview the niche experts to get you best quotes that will get mentioned
  • Expected outcome: 5-7 links with our 10% success rate
  • Can I pick sites?: no, it's organic backlink
  • Can I suggest anchors?: no, natural anchors only or branded
  • New post or insertion?: insertion
  • Content included?: no, non needed
  • Turn around time: 1 months
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These brands improved their organic traffic with us. When will you?

"Awesome link builders!"
Adam Garcia Owner of The Stock Dork
"Was great to work with Viktoria. Her communication was great, and her quality of work was high. Her team did an excellent job for us and we'd hire her again for future projects."
Chi Fang Founder & CEO at Verbalicity
"Viktoria is a well-experienced professional at the backlink building, as well as an excellent communicator. Her team delivered high-quality, genuine backlinks for our website and helped the traffic grow. If I need a similar service in the future, I'll ask her again."
Yasuharu Matsuno CEO at Mindarchitectinc

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is HARO anyway? HARO, which stands for Help A Reporter Out is a free service from the folks to the journalists with a database of sources for upcoming stories. Journalists build their own private list of experts to contact in order to get quotes for their articles and get relevant queries answered and many authors rely on HARO as a way to secure valuable media coverage. This differs from most link building tactics where you are required to do all of the outreach because journalists come to you looking for an expert source so they can attribute their quote to an article they’re writing. What’s even better is that big names like Mashable, Time Magazine, and New York Times use HARO every day which makes it extremely easy to get your name or business out there by getting press.
  • How to start getting HARO links? Start Your build backlinks Subscription Enter your contact information and the number of high quality backlinks submissions you would like delivered each month. If you would like to specify the topics, please complete the simple questionnaire that gives us insight into your expertise so that we can find the most relevant and effective links for you. You will receive an email notifying you that the link has been published
  • How does the pitch sourcing works? We update profiles on HARO and ProfNet websites 3 times a day. That means you’ll get chances to make your pitch heard 3 times a day on these site. And when we send out your pitch, it’ll stand out from the crowd – because you’re talking about topics and query that matter to real people and is business oriented. Everything we write can be run without altering a word (a compliment no other request for sources gets!). And once you’re accepted for an interview, our team field their questions and query on your behalf – giving you time to do what needs doing instead of sitting in front of the computer, answering emails from publications all over the world.
  • Can I get a report on the work done? Sure thing, we you'll get a change to accept pitches and also a full report on HARO pitches made. Our entire process of building authority links is seamless. You will be amazed at how we share your links live, right on schedule every month through a white-label report that you don’t need to change or modify!
  • Can you share any examples? Our customer support team would share some examples and answer any other query gladly.
  • Can you build links to ANY page? If you’re a legitimate company, we’ll most likely be able to put your site on the map. However, it’s not uncommon for journalists/writers to prefer linking to home pages and that is often their preference. If you have concerns or any query about whether or not a specific URL would be accepted by sites we work with, contact us before very order.
  • Can I choose my own anchor text? No, writing press releases is an essential part of public relations and the press release has to be promoted by spreading the link through social media channels or paid advertising. Moreover, journalists might or might not accept your anchor text.
  • Can I review the content before it goes live? It is important to respect other people’s opinions and tastes, especially when one is mindful of the fact that people have different goals and preferences. This way, one can be certain that there will be no trouble with any conflict during the editing process (which could lead to misunderstandings).
  • Do I get to see the links first? Our in-house link-building experts want to make sure you are always provided with the best links possible, so that is why we only provide links after they've already been placed. Our experts know how important it is to be able to trust the links that you receive and our team prefers to take a more hands-off approach so as to not slow things down. Just rest assured that you will always get your desired results when it comes down to receiving quality backlinks!
  • What questions will I be asked in onboarding? What questions will I be asked in onboarding? To give your business the best opportunities possible that match your skills, we require you to provide us with your business email address, C-suite credentials, persona details, company, team, and competitor info. You can answer this question in our provided 10 min survey.
  • Who writes the content? Journalists, editors, and site owners. We pitch our suggestions and tips to their stories. During this process, we’ll be communicating with you constantly to ensure your expectations are understood and that we can help meet them. Or just fill the article survey and we will take care of the rest.
  • How long will it take? Quality always takes time; Our TAT is usually around 2 months or lesser. Corner-cutting could mean going faster, but that’s not what you’re here for; we want to give good value for your money based on the needs of your business.
  • Can I cancel my subscription anytime? 30-day cancellation period.