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Getmentioned Helped To Trible Organic Traffic For Psychological Platform With Just 16 links: Strategy Explained


Authority backlinks from DR50+ websites

18 000

Traffic increase


Ranking for top performing keyword "soap note example", "intimacy coach", "techniques in psychology"

3 months

Time span

About client: is an online platform that provides mental health professionals with access to evidence-based psychological tools, assessments, resources, and treatments.

The problem:

Quenza team works smart not hard.

After launching their website, they have been growing their organic traffic themselves for a while.

The platform had its blog, social media, ads – but all of that wasn’t enough to scale the business.

Then the team made a decision to level up the link-building campaign – they asked our agency for some help here.

There wan’t a particular problem with their website – organic traffic remained steady but didn’t rise.

The tasks:

  1. To increase organic traffic in 2 months.
  2. To make a website’s pages rank by top-performing keywords.

The solution:

Building high-authority backlinks.

The process:

1. Competitor Analysis

This step is a must for our agency’s strategy.

We always start any process by researching competitors’ backlink profiles to identify which websites are linking to them.

We search for the data in Ahrefs and analyze their content, website structure, and link strategies.

We focus on a comprehensive analysis of the link profile.

This includes looking at the types of links competitors have acquired (e.g., dofollow vs nofollow), anchor text used, and the number of referring domains from psychological platforms.

From there, we create a list of target websites.

For this campaign, we had just 2 months – in many cases, it’s impossible to achieve excellent results, but Quenza’s team put their effort such as work on their blog, SEO-optimization of content, on-page SEO.

Their achievements doubled the results of this campaign.

From our side, we drew the list of requirements for website-donors:

  • 80% of them must have DR70+, other 20% – DR40+;
  • Organic traffic 5 000+;
  • They must be niche relevant – magazines, blogs, articles about psychology;
  • No spam.

2. Outreach Stage

When we were done with the list of websites we wanted to acquire links from, our next go-to tool was

It allows us to find the email addresses and social profiles of website holders.

We write customized outreach letters and send them.

3. Link Placement

Once answers came – we agreed on anchor text and URLs.

In the case of Quenza, we mixed different types of keywords – branded ones, long-tail, and top-performing ones.

We also used ‘how-to’ keywords, such as ‘how to start an online coaching business’.

When the work was done, we shared our recommendations on further traffic growth – what tools to use, strategies to implement, partnerships building, social media work etc.


In just two months, we delivered amazing results:

  1. We made Quenza rank #1 by top-performing keywords, including brand ones.
  2. We smoothly increased their traffic by 33% in just 3 months.
  3. As the bonus, we also won SERP PPA for them.

What a great case it is!

We also love our proper and friendly communication with the team and their desire to work on a common goal together.

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