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What is our Guest posting service?

We use sophisticated natural link building methods to earn you quality guest posts, not quantity.

And we do all the tedious work – while you gain the benefits of having done-for-you content prospecting, quality checking, content curation, link placement, and content gamification reports!

  1. Share your target URLs, and anchor text with us.
  2. We will prepare for you a curated list of niche relevant quality sites, so you can approve and vet each site before the guest post placement.
  3. Now just relax, while we create the blog post, conduct manual blogger outreach, and report to you all the live links.
  4. Then sit back and see your referral and monthly organic traffic going high with our guest post services.

What's included in the order?

Our SEO team will analyze the potential impact of links you share with them via an outreach spreadsheet.

All orders include:

  1. Prospecting of sites and content as per Google SEO standards
  2. U.S and Canadian writers, write blogs consisting of minimum 500 words having target URL.
  3. Site outreach and communication for link placements
  4. Google sheet containing the guest posting progress report
  5. White label and gamification reports
  6. We also provide optional content creation upgrades in which you can additionally add 250 words before placement for just $25 per placement.

Here is what you get with our guest post services:

  • Quality guest posts on niche relevant sites.
  • Quality content is written by professional bloggers for improving your online presence.
  • Fast turnaround of 1 month as our outreach service takes time to explore all the link opportunities after manually contacting website owners.
  • Guaranteed link or replacement with the same or better quality guest post

For whom our blogger outreach service is apt for:

  • For anyone who is looking for guest posts and wouldn’t mind to actually buy guest posts that would increase their monthly organic traffic.
  • For anyone trying to improve their local SEO efforts through white label exercises like link building from real sites with their own content having natural anchor text and your target URL.
  • For anyone looking to improve their SERP rank by content marketing and have quality standards.
  • For anyone who wants to be involved or have a hands-free approach throughout the creating content and blogger outreach process.
  • For all businesses online and local businesses looking for SEO agencies services to attribute real traffic to their monthly traffic.
  • For a business owner looking for a fast turnaround time for guest posting services.
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How our Guest Post Service Works

Step 1

Place Your Guest Posts Order

Share the target URL you want to place with it’s anchor text, and your specific requirements with extra details.

Step 2

Content and Site Quality Control

Our team will reach out to sites that fit our quality control criteria and have high domain authority for you to approve or veto. Then, our writers start writing blogs as per your order placed.

Step 3

Publishing and Reporting

Our seo team screens your target URL anchor text and other elements manually. Post publishing we send a white-label report of your guest post links. For any queries first, refer to our frequently asked questions section and then contact us if your query is not resolved.

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What about quality control?

We go beyond authority website's and SEO metrics for constant DA histories and quality content that is why big brands and companies trust us for building their links on real sites.

Details about domain hosting:

First we check every spammy and dangerous website is removed through our screening process

  • Site is hosted on SSL or HTTPS for security
  • Which country the site is hosted?
  • Does domain name contain any hyphen spam?
  • Is the site promoting any adult content like poker, pills, etc
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The core site metrics we check:

At a bare minimum the following on-page SEO metrics should be maintained by the site:

  • The site should contain 100+ indexed pages
  • Ahrefs organic traffic should be 1000+
  • The site should have minimum 500+ ref domains
  • The average Domain Rating should be 40
  • The CF/TF value should be more than 10+
  • 50% of the organic traffic should be from the origin country
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We then check for site trends and its past history

To screen out sites showing false metrics, bad authority, and any spammy content. We then evaluate website historical data such as:

  • The number of SERP penalization and expired links
  • Are there any wild inflow of traffic or links?
  • Website traffic is increasing or decreasing over a period of time
  • Are the ref domains increasing?
  • Number of referring anchor text they use per article
  • Are the ref domain real or spammy sites
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Manual Content Review

Finally, our seo agency team screens minimum 5 – 10 of the site’s recent posts manually for quality, using the following category:

  • If the last content update was in less than 30 days
  • The website content do not contain any anchor text abuse
  • None of the site contains links leading to poker, drug sites or any adult sites
  • The posts on the are sponsored or paid, if paid– it should be less than 50%.
  • Does the site have PBN in their designs>
  • The site content readability score
  • Are all the authors verified and from which country they belong?
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Guest Posts

Links from new content we've submitted to a website. Best for ones who wants to have the full control on site/anchor selection. Most of the niches available.

Tier #1

$450 / per link
  • We'll publish a new article with your link on a niche relevant site
  • Niche relevant: category level relevancy
  • Minimal DR: 40
  • Sites with 1,000 - 3,000+ monthly traffic by Ahrefs
  • No PBN, shady sites, made for selling links only
  • Can I pick sites?: yes
  • Can I suggest anchors?: yes
  • New post or insertion?: new post
  • Content included?: yes
  • Turn around time: 1 month
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Tier #2

$500 / per link
  • We'll publish a new article with your link on a niche relevant site
  • Niche relevant: category level relevancy
  • Minimal DR: 50
  • Sites with 3,000 - 5,000+ monthly traffic by Ahrefs
  • No PBN, shady sites, made for selling links only
  • Can I pick sites?: yes
  • Can I suggest anchors?: yes
  • New post or insertion?: new post
  • Content included?: yes
  • Turn around time: 1 month
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Tier #3

$600 / per link
  • We'll publish a new article with your link on a niche relevant site
  • Niche relevant: category level relevancy
  • Minimal DR: 60
  • Sites with 5,000 - 10,000+ monthly traffic by Ahrefs
  • No PBN, shady sites, made for selling links only
  • Can I pick sites?: yes
  • Can I suggest anchors?: yes
  • New post or insertion?: new post
  • Content included?: yes
  • Turn around time: 1 month
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These brands improved their organic traffic with us. When will you?

"Awesome link builders!"
Adam Garcia Owner of The Stock Dork
"Was great to work with Viktoria. Her communication was great, and her quality of work was high. Her team did an excellent job for us and we'd hire her again for future projects."
Chi Fang Founder & CEO at Verbalicity
"Viktoria is a well-experienced professional at the backlink building, as well as an excellent communicator. Her team delivered high-quality, genuine backlinks for our website and helped the traffic grow. If I need a similar service in the future, I'll ask her again."
Yasuharu Matsuno CEO at Mindarchitectinc

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Guest Posting? A guest post is a blog that is published on another site and not your own. Guest blogging is for exchanging links or getting some kind of brand recognition or other site. As with everything, there has to be some sort of tradeoff and/or transaction and the same applies to guest blogging services. It's much like when you go to a store and they give you store credit as opposed to cash (even though they have to pay their credit card bill too).
  • What can you do to build links using guest posts? Blogs are curated by approved writers who have access to our expert team’s articles and research, ready to publish on your behalf. We also have good relations with authority site owners. To benefit from the authority of our custom content, start a conversation with us today about establishing an ongoing relationship for timely news commentary and/or industry-relevant updates that drive readers directly to your site or landing page.
  • How long will it take? It takes a little time to curate the quality article and get your contextual links placed. Taking the right amount of time to do them. In our experience, development generally takes around 4 weeks to complete after you’re done approving your design(s).
  • What do you guarantee? After placing your order with us, each backlink earned is guaranteed in an affiliate program. If your backlinks are rejected by their respective merchants or website owners due to any reason whatsoever, you can then claim a replacement, as long as its worth equivalent or more in value. Easy!
  • What's the difference between Guest posts and Authority Links? All the services vary based on the link type, level of client control, website authority, website niche, TAT, and pricing. In short, within Authority link service, we take care of the whole process, links are added to existing content - a link insertion. Guest post service: you pick, approve sites/content, and links are published within newly written content. The quality of links are similar within both services.
  • Does it make a difference in the type of service we choose? Regardless of the service you purchase from us, we always do our best to match your topic to the content and targeted anchor text that we post. We’ll make sure that link gets placed naturally, in a plagiarism-free blog that is aligned with your anchor text and links, not just pushed into non relevant content.
  • What types of niches are the guest post blogs in? Our Guest Post services focus on blogs and websites that touch upon a wide variety of topics. The sites we provide to our customers typically cover many disparate topics, so we make an effort to theme the reader’s niche to fit in with the website’s content through the keywords we choose for their post. We also connect these different phrases wherever possible throughout the writing process, which is what makes our work stand apart from competitors.
  • How does guest posting improve SEO? Guest blog links are a great way to get people to visit your site at the top of their search results. Writing for high-domain authority blogs that have an extensive blog and link profile of their own is one way you can do this.
  • Can you help us to decide which tactic will work best for us? Sure thing! We've been working in the field for many years and know exactly how everything works behind the scenes, so we can help you prioritize link building tactics based on many factors. It will take some time and research before any campaigns go into effect as well as finesse when it comes to placing keyword-referred links so they don't qualify as spam or cause ranking penalties - something we are experts at avoiding!
  • How exactly guest posting helps my site to rank higher? Acquiring content published on high authority sites gives the domain features that visitors appreciate and allows you to use partial-match or exact-match links that aren’t as spammy these days and help increase organic traffic. Contextual links on high-authority websites will help expedite your content's rank in Google and even improve its overall domain authority.
  • Is Guest Blogging different from Article Marketing? Article marketing and content submission are both outdated SEO strategies. However, the latter - blog posts with relevant quality blog sites - can be a powerful technique for branding and creating links to your website. First, we carefully research which websites will drive the most successful engagement for your target audience based on criteria like anchor text, referring domains and domain authority. After thant, check google rankings/search queries, social media followers, etc. Next you offer blog owners relevant content that will provide real value to their readers (this sets you apart from most other people submitting content in that it’s not just a low-quality recycled piece of content without substance or context) which gets published on the site which proves to organic search engines like Google that your brand has created new original and quality material for the web!
  • Getmentioned Guest Posts vs Manual Blog Outreach Services Get Mentioned is different from other guest posting service providers because we pre-qualify sites that you can write for. We’ve already built relationships with the blogs in our list and have worked with them for several years, allowing us to get a place in that niche much faster than other services. Nearly all new outreach campaigns are spurred on by a fresh opportunity to expand our possibilities in the niche. It usually coincides with a growing client base and a growth in the amount of outreach we do - e.g., as our list of partners grows, so does the number of ways in which we can promote ourselves via guest posting or working on interactive infographics and other similar marketing pieces like these.