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How Getmentioned Got 45% Organic Traffic Increase In 2 Months: Tech and Security Niche Case


Authority backlinks from DR50+ websites


Traffic increase

2 months

Time span

Many experts claim that it’s impossible to see the first results for at least half a year after kickstarting SEO.

But it’s not true.

You might have noticed that Getmentioned brings results in 3-4 months.

And that’s the reason why more and more companies continue to order our Authority Link-Building services.

They want quick results.

Let us show how we have done that for our customer in tech&security niche.

About client:

The client is one of the leading alarm companies in Canada (seven years in the market). It provides smart security systems for homes in the Canadian and North US markets.

The problem:

The main objective of the campaign was to secure a steady flow of organic traffic for the key keywords associated with home security alarm systems, thereby lowering the expenses of an excessively expensive PPC campaign.

It is worth noting that the exorbitant costs of the original PPC campaign were not due to inadequate PPC providers, but rather due to the high costs of clicks in the niche.

The solution:

Authority Link-Building.

The process:

As for the strategy for this link-building campaign, we set a goal to reach out to as more as possible niche-relevant websites, blogs and magazines. But our set-in-stone rule is to start with competitors analysis.

1. Competitor Analysis

This step is a must. We do not go further without it.

With results of our deep analysis we guarantee you success – in other words, big numbers of increase in traffic and domain authority.

Many link traders who just sell the insertions do not do it for you – thus there is no guarantee that the link won’t damage your website’s SEO.

Competitor analysis is the process of identifying and evaluating the backlink profiles of your competitors in order to gain insights into their link-building strategies and find opportunities to build high-quality links for your own website.

At the end, we have a list of all the links client’s competitors built for last year. So, our goal here is to ensure we have the same links and after that – outperform them.

Sounds easy, but it’s actually really complicated process that takes us a week or even more.

2. Outreach Stage

Once the results of the analysis are ready, we sort each website and select targets.

We use Google Spreadsheets for that and a couple of our formulas to automatise the process.

At the end, we have a list of ~500 target websites.

Our next favorite tool –

It allows finding contact information such as email addresses, phone numbers, and social profiles.

We write our customized outreach letters and send them to email addresses we found before.

3. Link Placement

Once we got answers, we agreed on the anchor text and the URLs in the first letter (not to waste more time).

It’s crucial to mention that we always have the next requirements for website-donors:

  • DR40+
  • Traffic 1 000+
  • Niche-relevant
  • No spam, pbn
  • No forums, directories, listicles…

There is an option for the client to add more requirements or change them – for example, choose websites with DR70+ and traffic 5 000+.

But keep in mind that the price per link changes as well.


Simple maths allows us to see the actual results in numbers.

We can see that, with the help of two months of our link building campaign, our total number of keywords has increased by almost double (80%), from 1500 to 2700 ranked keywords.

This led to a 45% organic traffic boost!

Want to get the same result with us?

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