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First things first, what do you get when you choose us for authority links pointing:

Niche-specific, quality backlinks - chosen for you

We use our expertise to handle the whole process of getting ad-in high authority links from high domain authority sites.

How does it work?

Simple in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: You provide us with the target pages that you want boost, the anchor text you want to use, and your specific niche info so we can make sure they are relevant.

Step 2: We will find the best opportunities for your case from our database of pre-made connections.

Step 3: We will take care of creating and placing all of the authority links that you have approved with 24-hour confirmations.

If any of our publishers decline, or an authority site we choose is sub-par, then we will replace it with another potential source link just as good or even better than the original one!

Our services are designed by keeping our client's high standards in mind.

Establishing a solid stream of authority links is a great way to associate with top search engines such as Google and start ranking in search results.


  • By partnering with us, you can earn links on high-ranking websites fast and easily to get your web pages ranked on the SERP.
  • Our experienced outreach team ensure top-notch backlink quality.
  • Our link outreach services scale to meet your needs, no matter what industry you are in or the size of your business.

We’ve spent years fine-tuning our link-building services to work hand in hand with your SEO strategies and help you build a link profile at the pace you’re comfortable with.

By partnering with our backlinking services, you get…

  • Fully Done-For-You service
  • Acquiring inbound link of high quality–intelligently (sample 1, sample 2)
  • Gamifiable reports (sample)
  • Ensured link placement
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How does our team ensure high-quality link placement?

Stage #1

Heavy Researching

Building consistent links to your website takes a lot of time, resources, and focus. That is why our team consistently researches trending topics and relevant sites where your links and articles could be placed naturally.

Stage #2

Reaching out to the sites

Our outreach experts then get in touch with the people who own the page and suggest additions to their content. These additions will link back to your target pages to improve their authority and rank.

Stage #3

Placing the links

We've built relationships and breadth of expertise in all industries to serve client needs today. Years of creating content and demonstrating results for clients means that we know how to work with your team closely to ensure quality content for increasing search traffic.

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How do we manually review each link opportunity?

We review all projects manually, which means we treat every client with the same amount of care and respect. We believe that it's important to go beyond surface-level metrics and understand a project's true objectives before determining its success. We make sure that the site owner well as our clients are on the same page is essential to ensuring success.

Domain & Hosting Auditing

Our team checks for the following factors to rule out any spammy and risk factor pages and sites before starting the link exchange process:

  • A records and DNS testing
  • Slug spam in the domain name
  • Use of SSL / HTTPS
  • Do follow
  • English TLD & language
  • The country it is hosted in
  • No poker, pills, adult sites
  • Domain ranking
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Metrics on which sites are selected

After verification, our team uses various SEO success techniques to check for sites that meet our standards.

  • Number of Indexed pages = 100+
  • Organic Traffic received by the site by Ahrefs = 1000/mo+ (minimum)
  • The number of referring Domains = 50+
  • The Average Domain Ranking = 40+
  • CF/TF = 10+
  • What are the traffic origin and the country
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Checking for trends and historical website data

Previous site penalizations and links expirations

  • Are there any wild swings in the website traffic and link following?
  • Is the website traffic increasing or decreasing?
  • If the referencing domain’s authority naturally increases?
  • Is the site following the white-hat reference domain for anchoring?
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Manually auditing and editing the content to meet your standards

Lastly, our team audits some of the site’s content manually for:

  • Content is regularly updated, and in the last 30 days
  • Is any anchor text abuse present in any content?
  • No links to poker, spammy, pills, adult sites
  • If the page is following natural link-building practices.
  • Are posts paid or organic – if paid, is it higher than 50%?
  • Are any PBN designs present on the page?
  • Readability score of the articles
  • Relevance of the article and niche
  • Are the authors verifiable, knowledgeable, and grammatically coherent?
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Authority Links

Authority links are links placed in niche relevant articles on high DR websites. Best for ones, who wants to delegate whole link building process to us.

Tier #1

$195 / per link
  • We will pick a relevant link from our database
  • Niche relevant: topic level relevancy
  • Minimal DR: 40
  • Sites with 1,000 - 3,000+ monthly organic traffic
  • Can I pick sites?: no, it's done for you
  • Can I suggest anchors?: yes, please
  • New post or insertion?: insertion
  • Content included?: no, non needed
  • Turn around time: 1 month
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Tier #2

$250 / per link
  • We will pick a relevant link from our database
  • Niche relevant: topic level relevancy
  • Minimal DR: 50
  • Sites with 3,000 - 5,000+ monthly organic traffic
  • Can I pick sites?: no, it's done for you
  • Can I suggest anchors?: yes, please
  • New post or insertion?: insertion
  • Content included?: no, non needed
  • Turn around time: 1 month
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Tier #3

$400 / per link
  • We will pick a relevant link from our database
  • Niche relevant: topic level relevancy
  • Minimal DR: 60
  • Sites with 5,000 - 10,000+ monthly organic traffic
  • Can I pick sites?: no, it's done for you
  • Can I suggest anchors?: yes, please
  • New post or insertion?: insertion
  • Content included?: no, non needed
  • Turn around time: 1 month
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These brands improved their organic traffic with us. When will you?

"Awesome link builders!"
Adam Garcia Owner of The Stock Dork
"Was great to work with Viktoria. Her communication was great, and her quality of work was high. Her team did an excellent job for us and we'd hire her again for future projects."
Chi Fang Founder & CEO at Verbalicity
"Viktoria is a well-experienced professional at the backlink building, as well as an excellent communicator. Her team delivered high-quality, genuine backlinks for our website and helped the traffic grow. If I need a similar service in the future, I'll ask her again."
Yasuharu Matsuno CEO at Mindarchitectinc

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should we buy backlinks? Yes, buying backlinks is not against Google's rules. Growing and placing quality links organically can take a lot of time. That is why our writers create 100% unique content and place them on our partner's sites which would give you a lot of link juice.
  • Can we approve the chosen site before our link is placed? Yes, we give our customers complete control to pick and choose from the sites that they desire to be placed in but not within our Authority Links service. If you seek for the full control over the process, check our guest post or multilingual service.
  • How do you find niche websites and pages? Our team sends personalized link-building campaigns to high-authority websites. We also use social listening tools to check for a guest post on websites that are trending in your industry and, most importantly, are relevant to your niche. Then the outreach team reaches out with a well-designed content outline.
  • Can I provide the anchor text? To generate high authority links we understand that the context is very important. Yes, you can, and wherever it is required, our team will help you in the process of anchor text creation by providing industry-level consultation.
  • Authority and trust in SEO explained Once upon a time, search engine algorithm was an easy game to figure out. Now the algorithms have advanced, and the game is no longer as simple. The most important aspects of SEO are authority and trust, which directly impact your SEO ranking. That is why our team focuses on creating guest posts and placing links naturally rather than forcing link building on non-relevant sites.
  • Broken link building Most studies suggest that broken links can account for the site’s ranking dropping as it impacts the overall SEO of the page. Link building is the currency on which the website ranking depends. If the number of links falls, the page will obviously get impacted. But we are not saying the broken link tactic does not work. By using this tactic, you can add multiple links and redirect them to your well-written own website, improving your pages' overall traffic. Get involved in online PR (without spending a dime) PR not just helps in free link building but also in instilling trust in your targeted audience. Contact the journalists who are already talking about your niche industry after creating a compelling story – it would increase the chances of you getting your article placed without you having to spend any money. Or get your content curation team registered on minor PR sites, and start posting your article there. And again, this wouldn't cost you any money but would require a lot of effort from your content curation team. You can even share your articles and PR releases on social media
  • Create useful charts & data tables With more and more online media outlets popping up, charts and other visual aids have also become a big contributor to the link-building exercises now. You can create attractive videos, infographics, charts, and other visual aid content for strategically placing more links in them. And after that, start the process of sharing and syndicating them on social media, infographic submission sites, and other visual media first online outlets.
  • Reproduce valuable content All your articles have the potential of being re-used multiple times in different formats, so don't dump your article once it's done and dusted. Link building was once about just writing quality content and placing authority link on websites. But now, with social media and a huge plethora of messaging platforms and communities, you can redesign and recreate the same content as an image, pdf, infographic, or a short article and post it on multiple channels and communities. You can even create inbound links, and guest post and link them with your content. Or allow us to create content based on your already existing articles.
  • Monitor your competitors' backlink sources Just focusing on your strengths can be quite a deterrent to your website growth journey. That is why focus on competitive auditing to check what practices your competitors are following and the results that they are receiving. Following your high-performing competitors' path along with using market-tested methods can help you reach your goal much faster. It can also show you if the path that you are following is right or wrong. Adding and showing your high-performing competitors' content and complimenting them for their work online would also help build trust in your targeted audience. Also performing regular search engine optimization.
  • How to use broken links? Now, this technique can be quite painstaking in terms of the effort required, but in the end, it's worth it. Scroll through the internet, social media, and SEO tools to check for any broken links and to find dead links with the anchor text that best suits your links list and offer the article author and publisher your links in its place. Most often, these links are taken down when the old sites go under revamp or are taken down when the site goes out of service or Google might take them down due to some violations, which just means there are thousands and thousands of potential anchor text waiting for you to place your authority link.
  • Are all links placed do-follow? Yes, all the links before we place, we check the authority websites for do-follow and also if the links placed are permanent. After this confirmation only, we build authority links with link exchange campaigns with the publisher.
  • If the links are removed by the site, what happens then? In case the site pulls the article down or removes the placed links from that web page, we will replace the links with a new quality article or blog post with high authority links free of charge. It will also be from the website with similar or higher domain authority.
  • Do you provide quality backlinks? Yes, we have some sharp team members in our content marketing team. They will help you build high-quality links and authority links. We do not involve in the dead link or spammy link exchanges. Our mission is to generate authority links for our clients. Our team provides links from guest blogging by writing high-quality content for all our clients. Our client feedback is a great example of the quality backlinks we help with.
  • Who writes the content, and how long is the content usually? We don't use any new content for Authority Links service. Therefore no new content needed. We use new content only in our guest post service and Multilingual Links. For that we have writers registered with us who provide us with 100% unique, grammatically coherent content based on the links and anchor text given. These articles once published also will help in bringing tens of thousands of traffic that gives you more inbound links. The content is created keeping your target audience in mind.
  • What is the content about? Our team members are industry experts in SEO area. The articles are created based on the anchor text, keyword research, and authority link pointing to your high domain authority pages – correlating to the niche of your industry and your audience's likes and dislikes. For this, we run extensive keyword and content research on SEM rush and other SEO practices.