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How we got 60% organic traffic increase for the SaaS Data Protection Platform by building 30 links


Authority backlinks from DR50+ websites


Traffic increase


Ranking for top performing 25 organic keywords, including brand ones

3 Months

Time span

Our client ​​is an online cloud storage provider that enables businesses and individuals to securely store, access and protect their important data.

They offer a range of services, including secure online backup, file sharing and synchronization, file versioning, archiving, etc.

The problem:

Our client’s niche is high-competitive as there are giants such as Microsoft, Dropbox, and Office 365.

We agreed on the following plan: we are not going to outperform these tech-titans as it’s almost impossible to do in 3 months time span, but to rank on the first page and to be as closer to 1-5 positions in SERP as possible.

Our main tasks were:

  1. Get to the first search engine results page.
  2. Increase traffic by more than 30%.
  3. Rank by the list of organic keywords we’ve collected for our customer.

The solution:

Building authority links.

The customer asked us to build 5 links so he could see if we’re a good fit for each other.

When the results of the first milestone were delivered, he ordered more and more:)

See why.

The process

1. Competitor Analysis

This step – is the rule that is set in stone.

It is our agency’s secret strategy as well – we always start any process by researching your competitors’ backlink profiles to identify which websites are linking to them.

We search for the data in Ahrefs.

We do the following:

  • analyze their content,
  • website structure,
  • link strategies.

The last one is the key – we do a comprehensive analysis of the link profile.

This includes looking at the types of links competitors have acquired (e.g., dofollow vs nofollow), anchor text used, and the number of referring domains.

From there, we create a list of target websites.

2. Outreach Stage

When we have the list of websites, we want to acquire links from.

Our next favorite tool –

It allows to find contact information such as email addresses, phone numbers, and social profiles.

We write our customized outreach letters and send them to email addresses we found before.

3. Link Placement

Once we got answers, we agreed on the anchor text and the URLs.

It’s crucial to mention that we always have the next requirements for website-donors:

  • DR40+
  • Traffic 1 000+
  • Niche-relevant
  • No spam, pbn
  • No forums, directories, listicles…

There is an option for the client to add more requirements or change them – for example, choose websites with DR70+ and traffic 5 000+.

But keep in mind that the price per link changes as well.


When we delivered the client the first 10 links – we had already achieved the goal: one of the pages that contained the long-tail keywords got to the 1st page of search engine results.

Additionally, the traffic was increased by even more than expected – 60%!

organic traffic - getmentioned

The client was satisfied with our work, so he ordered two more packages of links.

To wrap it all up:

  1. Built 30 links in tech&security niche.
  2. Won Features with narrowly targeted requests;
  3. Increased overall organic traffic by 60%.
  4. Received Quotes and brand features to improve its topical authority.
  5. Rank #1 by 25 organic keywords, including brand ones.

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