5 Surefire Ways to Build Casino Backlinks and Boost Your SEO

Ways to Build Casino Backlinks - getmentioned

Playing your cards right when it comes to building casino backlinks is the only way you can hit a jackpot – in other words, to boost your SEO.

Casino backlinks combine relevance and volume. Although the basics will remain constant, you shall consider the different industry requirements to design an effective plan of link-building in the mentioned niche.

However, before mentioning 5 surefire ways to build casino backlinks and boost your SEO, let’s first understand what casino backlinks are and how important they are for a casino website.

What Exactly Are Casino Backlinks?

Casino backlinks are for gambling and casino blogs, casino niches, and casino SEO, not a particular form of backlink. There are various limits and distinctions because it is more challenging to develop links for this speciality.

What Is the Importance of Casino Backlinks?

Casino sites’ backlinks are vital for search engine optimization (SEO), casino niche and casino SEO since they tell Google that another resource values your content enough to link to it from their own. As a website receives more backlinks from casino sites, search engines deduce that the website has excellent material worthy of ranking high in the SERPs.

Casino Backlinks - getmentioned

How to get quality backlinks for casino sites

The first stage in casino link building is creating high-quality backlinks to your site. It is a strategy to maximize your return on investment. Furthermore, some of these methods are:

1. Exchange of links

Link exchanges occur when at least two or three sites agree to swap links. One of the most apparent instances of this casino link building and link exchange is that Bitcasino.io and Sportsbet.io function as affiliate sites for one another, exchanging quality links.

The objective is to develop a reputation in gambling backlinks for being a good casino site, enhance trust ratings, and attract more organic customers.

2. Paid links

A paid link is the most convenient way to obtain a casino backlink. You must pay a third-party site to provide the following hyperlink, which will return to your casino website.

Most of these may be purchased by bidding, meaning the site and gambling backlinks/gambling companies also go to the highest bidder. A strategy is cheap online casino backlinks to help you make the most of your money.

Paid links - Paid links

3. Backlinks from Private Blog Networks (pbn)

PBNs rely on a network of websites, including casino niche sites, to establish links and convey authority to another site. These people develop material that will rank for competitive casino companies and website link speciality backlinks. It is a highly successful method, but it can be harmful if a few link-building blunders are made because of search engine results.

4. Public relations campaigns

Having significant media outlets connect to your website is a terrific strategy to build links and create traffic and backlinks.

A casino review is an excellent example of contextual links since you may supply the link on all the sites for only English articles or non-English keywords in various terms that will lead to the casino’s website for the correct keywords.

5. Shoulder niches

Because they are frequently unrelated to your site, using shoulder niches for more traffic and analyzing competitors’ strategies successfully generates quality backlinks for casino speciality sites.

It fills the void by making your link look natural and related to the text. It is comparable to your casino category, but it provides more opportunities for link development because it might cover the following niches:

  • Gambling affiliate and review websites
  • Travel
  • Technology
  • Sports
  • Blog comment
  • Guest posts
  • News

Factors to consider in finding a good casino backlink

You must understand how to assess a prospective connection and how it may be used to drive more traffic to your online casinos. Here are some elements to consider while looking for a casino link-building strategy from many sites.

Domain rating

Domain rating is essential in displaying a backlink profile compared to others in their database. It was created by Ahrefs and is regarded as more ‘current’ than any other domain authority, with an excellent site receiving a rating of 30 or above.

Organic traffic

Another component provided by Ahrefs is the organic traffic estimate, which is the number of web visitors the target site receives in a month. An ideal website should have at least 1,000 visitors each month to be deemed a successful gambling site.

Organic traffic - getmentioned

Traffic consistency

We recommend a site that has not recently experienced a reduction in traffic. This may be tracked using Ahrefs’ Organic Search Report tool, which can tell you if the site has been sold, repurposed to sell links, or penalized. The traffic forecast should also be constant for several months.

No sponsored posts

A gambling site with many sponsored articles indicates that other individuals are already paying to have their material shown on that site. You don’t want competition in the same link, and having too many bought posts can lower your Google credibility score.

No links to other casinos

You will not earn traffic from a hyperlink linked to another casino. That may be found on the sidebar, where there will be links to casinos, essay writing, and Forex trading. It indicates that the site is publishing purchased links to create quality traffic for you by learning more about the pricing packages.

How to Create a Casino Link Backlink Strategy

Creating a successful SEO plan for an online casino or gambling site that incorporates link development requires accuracy. It must be done correctly to maximize your return on investment. However, here are some things you can do to boost your chances of a good return and rank higher from search engines:

Backlink Strategy - getmentioned

  • Set a realistic budget.

Increasing your casino website’s organic search rank is a race to the top, and you must protect your position. Many gambling websites make hundreds of millions of dollars from Google by building gambling backlinks. Therefore, you must invest correspondingly if you want to compete.

  • Diversify your link profile as much as possible.

Don’t simply choose one method and stick with it. Rather, engage in strategies gambling link building such as PR, bought links, exchanges, news/media, casino domains related links, pbn backlinks, earned links, and no-follow links such as social media profiles.

  • Examine your competitors.

Examine what other casino businesses are doing and where they are getting backlinks, and then reverse engineer their method. When feasible, go out to their finest placements and emulate their work.

Examine your competitors - getmentioned

  • Create your anchor text plan.

Your anchor text strategy should include your previous ranking keywords and top-ranking sites in your niche.

  • Be mindful of link velocity.

Keep an eye on the link velocity and keep it within a suitable range for organic search results.

  • Make use of aliases.

Use various identities of casino and gambling websites while undertaking outreach to avoid being caught buying links. Keep domain-based email outreach for public relations/media outreach or strategic partners.

  • Maintain consistency.

Continue to use the same SEO tactics and remain on top of new trends among your top rivals. However, you must avoid typical traps in building links aside from doing the correct things to get a constant search ranking.

Casino Backlink Building Mistakes to Avoid

1. Mismatching your strategy with your budget & company size.

Unfortunately, casino websites have a terrible image (in the eyes of Google) for having low natural links. This implies that you must invest a decent amount of money in casino referral traffic and avoid spammy links for your site regardless of company size.

The smaller your organization, the more difficult it will be to compete with larger top-ranking competitors that have already established their mark in SERPs.

Casino Backlink Building Mistakes - getmentioned

2. Over/under-optimizing your anchor text profile.

Your anchor text profile lists your backlinks and the anchor text people use to connect to your site. Instead of applying broad “best practices,” analyze the profile of your top-ranking rivals and shape your anchor text approach appropriately.

3. Purchasing casino PBNs.

This method poses an increasing risk. It is still possible for some people, and the price is likely to be considerably lower than that of reputable websites. Purchasing bought links on well-vetted legitimate best websites is often more expensive, but they operate better and provide less penalty risk.

Purchasing casino PBNs - getmentioned

The bottom line

Creating a casino blog is one of the best ways to get casino backlinks from online casino websites and the online gambling industry. Many people enjoy betting on various events (i.e., football, baseball, horse racing), making it an easy niche for your blog.

You could write casino gambling tips, provide industry insights, or highlight the latest news in the industry—make sure it’s more general than just focused on gambling and casino companies.

How to get quality backlinks for casino sites:
  • Exchange of links
  • Paid links
  • Backlinks from Private Blog Networks (pbn)
  • Public relations campaigns
  • Shoulder niches
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