How we are helping E-learning projects to stand out above the competition

Helped our client to Rank #1 For Top Parent Keyword with 8,400 Monthly Searches by Ahrefs data
About this case
Let's go. In and out, 20 minutes adventure estimate time to read

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Let me quickly make an intro...

My name is Viktoriia Medvedko, and I run this small link outreach business at

I'd like to share our experience working with a client in e-learning space in a very transparent way.

You see, I'm not a big fan of this kind of agency's case studies where...

- the b4d4ss agency did all of the work
- achieved gazillion% of growth
- in-house marketers were just playing table tennis all day

...kind of case studies.

Something like:
Niche Relevant Backlinks Acquired
Ranking for top keyword "Course" in Australia region
Ranking for "government funded courses online"
4 Months
Results achieved after 4 months of active link building
I believe the mentioned results were achieved mostly because of two reasons:

  1. the client's product's quality itself (it's just simply better than competitors have),
  2. the highly skilled team behind it (now see point 1 as the reason for it).

Me and my team just played a small part in their act, providing exactly the right service they needed.

I can't get any results no matter how hard we try, how many links we will get, if the client's site doesn't even have a core content it place.

That's why...
...the main point of this case study is not to brag on how crazy great we are, but to show how easy is to work with us, and which results we can achieve together by combining your product awesomeness with our link building skills.
With that being said, let's get to the classic structure of:

- Challange
- Solution
- Hire us please

Shall we?
What was the challenge?
TL;DR: heavy competition, hard to find new link leads from month to month
This client was struggling to rank for competitive terms in the online courses space, one of the most saturated markets for online learning.

Due to the large amount of competition in these spaces, acquiring more contextual links is the key to improving your ranking potential against big competitors.

The only issue is: acquiring niche relevant link mentions on sites that have relevant traffic and specific metrics is often pure luck.

With countless competitors vying for attention, they reached out to us

(we pitched them on Upwork ourself)

to help improve topical authority, driving increased rankings for difficult keywords,

Credit: Rose Mcgowan
BOOORING, right?

I know, what feel, let's jump in to some action
The Solution: Authority Link Building
Ahrefs data. Also very tricky screenshot, please pay attention that only Improved pages are selected :XD
The main method we apply for our clients is an authority link building, and here is how it works simply in 3 steps:
Step 1: Research Stage
We're looking for sites with relevant pages, where your content will naturally fit and be link worthy (primarily from Ahrefs competitor's link profile check)
Step 2: Outreach Stage
Then we get in touch with the responsible persons and suggesting additions to their content, these edits will be links to your well-written and value-adding target pages
Step 3: Link Placement
In such a way, we're adding an extra value to our target prospects articles, which allows us to get a link to your site in return.
Interested to look deeper on our approach? Check this article then
It's a powerful trust measure that is earned, and has compounding benefits:
  1. Signals to Google that your content is authoritative
More impressions, more clicks, more happy subscribers
2. Improves your ability to rank for that given keyword
Which means your new content will be ranking faster
3. Scales your DR
(Domain Rating)
4. And drives direct referral traffic*
*In some cases. Not every link will establish a stream of refferal traffic, but it happens
The Results
With E-learning client, we were able to earn link mentions for their content on 59 great amazing resources and publications within 4 months of work:
Based on the Google's Search Console data, we have1258 clicks in May 2021, and ended up with 2239 in August 2021, which leave us with 56% increase in organic traffic.
To be more specific combining all of the efforts we've achieved:
59 authority backlinks from DR50+ websites
Quotes and brand features to improve brand and topical authority
Ranking #6 for "courses"
Ranking #1 for "government funded courses online"
Almost 50% increase in traffic
Increased overall organic traffic by 50%
Direct students signups and business growth
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