Authority Link Building Service

A dedicated service for online businesses that boost up websites' domain authority and organic traffic with a help of niche relevant, naturally looking backlinks.
Here is what you need to know:
just before you'll check the pricing...
Link Building is the most crucial ranking factor after relevant content, affecting your website SEO.

So the good-old Content is still the King, but Link Building is the Queen accordingly to SparkToro Study

The more (quality!) topically-relevant links you build:

  • the higher your website rankings become,
  • the more organic leads you get
  • the more sales you make
  • the more profit you make


...the SEO market is full of shady link vendors trying to sell some links for quick $
Such offers usually contains endless list of spammy, bad looking websites, in Google spreadsheets

Sites that are blatantly selling links in enormous quantities just before they Got penalized for Google TOS violation

Learn more about Link Schemes here

Link Brokers sells links,
not their SEO knowledge
and skills
That's why we DO NOT PROVIDE the following services:
no, thank you

Link schemes,
spammy blog comments,
Link blasts,
Web 2.0.
Links from forum sites,
Quorra links,
"Sponsored post" links
Sitewide, "homepage" links
"free" links,
links from websites created for selling links only,

These so-called "fast results" that do not last long in the long term - high risk of getting penalized by Google or coming dangerously close to being penalized due to violation of Google's TOS

Most of the sites from these spreadsheets are already penalized by Google...
So why we are different? What kind of links we're working on?
all white hat, don't you worry
At Getmentioned.Today we work with "White Hat" ethical link building methods within our Authority Link building service.

White-hat strategies are those that are very low-risk to carry out and usually fall well within the webmaster guidelines laid out by Google ✔️

In other words, it's a relevant linking to other, relevant content on the Web.

Result: safe and healthy link building profile, gradual and natural-looking growth of website's credibility in the "eyes" of search engines, and positive traction in key metrics as a result (keywords rankings, overall traffic, DR etc.)
This Service is best for:
just before you'll check the pricing...
For clients who understand the nature of the White Hat SEO and the outcome of Link Building
They may be SME business owners, SEO-specialists, marketing experts, product owners with significant experience in online promotion
For those who understand the value-driven process, importance of good content that actually helps users
Passionate about creating content that matters, working hard on their website UX, understanding value of long term, consistent outreach process to establish top ranking for their content as a result
This Service is NOT for:
just before you'll check the pricing...
For those who is looking for a "Magic Bullet" and instant results from it
Does not have patience to fill the brief forms, making preparations for required for successful link building campaigns. Expect results overnight.
For those who look for shortcuts, hacks, tricks, fast ways to get backlinks "for free", and not taking link building as a consistent long term process
Considering link building as a one time experiment, doesn't have the niche experience, close to little knowledge of what they are doing besides wasting each others time.
The Process: how do we build Authority Links?
I like considering my link building service as the most easiest to work solution on the market.
It's a fully turnkey solution designed to ease and optimize the link gaining process for agencies, SaaS brands, and Online Business.

With that being said, outsourcing link building activities allowing our clients to focus more on strategic tasks and their client/users retention, not the link building routine.

One of the biggest obstacles for my clients is uncertainty in selection of target pages and anchors strategy for upcoming link building campaigns.

Gladly, with our service, we take care of this process ourselves, no extra fee required.
Just check these perks bellow:

Only relevant placements
Turn Around Time is 4 weeks
Helping to define best target pages
Pay on performance - for live links
Working on Anchor Plan Strategy
No set up Fee required
The main method we apply for our clients is a authority link building, and here is how it works simply in 3 steps:
Step 1: Research Stage
We're looking for sites with relevant pages, where your content will naturally fit and be link worthy (primarily from Ahrefs competitor's link profile check)
Step 2: Outreach Stage
Then we get in touch with the responsible persons and suggesting additions to their content, these edits will be links to your well-written and value-adding target pages
Step 3: Link Placement
In such a way, we're adding an extra value to our target prospects articles, which allows us to get a link to your site in return.
Interested to look deeper on our approach? Check this article then
How do we work with target pages?
For most cases, this is how we do it:

1. Open-da-Ahrefs

2. We'll be looking for 2nd page google blog results (Position 5+ )

2. Then let's look for pages that have the highest Value calculated by CPC of the top page's keyword in paid ads.

3. Blog pages filter

4. Picking pages with promising search volume for our link building plan.
How do we work with anchor strategy?
As for anchors, from our experience, "partial keyword match" anchor is the best anchor type in terms of effectiveness/natural look, so we usually suggest partial, brand, and natural looking anchors in our plan.

Although, some of our clients ask us to build links with direct anchors to speed up the process, and for some cases it works without any penalty after another update.

That was the case from example bellow:
As you can see from the samples above, these anchors aren't exactly "naturally" looking, but we use them because the site was receiving tonnes of natural links with no-anchor links, so we were 100% confident in this approach.

We do not recommend using the same strategy for newly created websites or sites that do not receive a significant number of links on a monthly basis.
How the project work flow look like?
Get in touch
Reach out by filling our form, select the plan you're interested in. We'll help you to decide based on your needs.
Setup Stage
After both target pages and anchors plans were conducted we add them to our our tracking spreadsheet. Also we check the client's side with our pre-link building checklist - a full list of activities that are need to be done before launching a massive link campaign.
Invoicing and prepayment 50% by Wire Transfer
Outreach Stage
Active link building phase launch and reporting of the work done
Strategy adjustment at the end of each month.
Second part of the payment
Next Link Building Campaign
Starting again from the step 1
Simple pricing designed for Growth
yes, pricing, finally...
The pricing model we use is on a pay per link basis, which means you're paying only for the live links, no set up fees or extra costs needed.

The services is offered in packaged, based on the target number of links we're going for, and also designed for specific goals.

Extra perks for top plans are availbile as well.
per month
per month
per month
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I speak with someone to get more information and ask questions?
Yes, of course! Please run through our Instant Quote Calculator and at the end, you'll be able to set up a discovery call with our team! They'll be able to answer any questions you might have about how our services work.
How does your process typically work?
We don't guarantee sites and we don't offer a list of pricing for each site. Why? We've spent 10+ years cultivating real relationships with the biggest sites on the internet. We EARN links through unique content marketing and unbeatable pitching.
What if my brand mentions get taken down?
This is extremely rare, as our process is centered around evergreen, helpful content. In the event that brand mentions or features are taken down, we replace them on our dime!
How does reporting work?
We set you up in a custom client dashboard to keep you updated on weekly progress, success metrics, and more. Scale and high-volume plans have detailed monthly KPI reports and high-volume plans get 24/7 Slack support.
Do you use PBNs or pay for links?
No. Never. These links are wasted time and money, providing no real authority to you. We're not here to get you crappy links that don't move the needle. We're here to create and promote unique content pieces that genuinely improve your traffic, rankings, and sales.
Do I have to sign a long-term contract?
Nope! Our minimum terms are six months because we want to plan ahead for strategy and capacity, but we always include a simple 60-day written cancellation clause. So you're never locked into an agreement if you don't want to be. We want to work with clients for the long term because they like us and value our work, not because they're stuck in a contract they can't get out of.
What payment terms do you offer?
We can send monthly invoices on the first of each month for the work done during that period, with payment due within 7 business days. We can also send quarterly invoices at the beginning of each quarter. Net-30 payments are only available for high-volume plans.
How long will it take?
Each plan is designed for 4 weeks but sometimes good things take time; turnaround can be 6 weeks from the date you approve your site selections. We could do it faster if we cut corners or spammed, but that's not what you're here for.

Who writes the content?
We're adding links to existing articles, so no need in writing content for new guest posts or something.
Do you offer manual outreach?
We're constantly doing outreach to grow the relationships we have with blog owners and writers. Usually we start with pre made connections, once they running out, we switch to pure outreach for your specific projects. That's our favorite part as it means we're bringing results for you more than 6 months!
Can you manage link building for me ongoing?
Absolutely! Many of our clients opt to have us take care of link building as a fully managed service.

This includes a dedicated Account Manager and strategist on your account to make sure the links we build for you and your clients match your goals and budget.

Contact us to discuss.

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