How this Link Report
can help you to beat your competition? ⏩
With this Link Report you will get a detailed overview of best potential link prospects from your top competitors
Here is what you need to know:
My name's Viktoriia Medvedko, and I'm a expert link builder myself with 2k+ of links built in various niches with one goal - to help my clients achieve their goals.

Such experience allows me to tell you in terms of effective link building!:

✅ what can work best for you
❌ what you should avoid at any cost

This Link Report - it's a Competitor Backlink Analysis, an essential step to define what makes your competitors thrive online, and how you can use that knowledge as your own leverage!
What's inside this Link Report?
I can do that myself
I need your top 3 competitors, fx:

Company A
Company B
Company C

Just your top, archenemies, with whom you compete.

Then I'll examine their link profiles and prepare a detailed report that will contain:

✅Which links you can replicate at ease
✅Which links you must repeat in order to catch up with a competitor
✅ Which links you should avoid

Hear what's the best part of it...
Due to my niche expertise, I can get you an estimated competitor's link profile net worth in USD

- how much it will cost to replicate all of these links for you if you'll order such a service from an agency.

I can do so, by calculating in-context links value accordingly to the average prices on the market.

This Link Report is best for:
For clients who understand the nature of the White Hat SEO and the outcome of Link Building
They may be SME business owners, SEO-specialists, marketing experts, product owners with significant experience in online promotion
For those who understand the value-driven process, importance of good content that actually helps users
Passionate about creating content that matters, working hard on their website UX, understanding value of long term, consistent outreach process to establish top ranking for their content as a result
This Link Report is NOT for:
For those who is looking for a "Magic Bullet" and instant results from it
Does not have patience to fill the brief forms, making preparations for required for successful link building campaigns. Expect results overnight.
For those who look for shortcuts, hacks, tricks, fast ways to get backlinks "for free", and not taking link building as a consistent long term process
Considering link building as a one time experiment, doesn't have the niche experience, close to little knowledge of what they are doing besides wasting each others time.
Frequently Asked Questions
What's the cost of this Link Report?
It's free of charge.
What's TAT?
24 hours
What I'll receive?
A google spreadsheet with results + comments
Meet our core team
Dan Buzan
Link Building
Strategy Advisor
Viktoriia Medvedko
Aleksandra Izotova
Head Outreach Manager